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70,00 €

TENDER PRESENT opens up its silvery dial to reveal the multi-colored elements of the movement within. They're all connected to the red driving wheel, which takes the shape of a heart – a hint that we should try a little tenderness. And just in case you forget, there's a message for you on the back of the strap: Handle With Care (and we don't only mean the watch).

This year’s Valentine Special TENDER PRESENT comes in a red transparent plastic sleeve decorated with lots of white hearts and little signs as reminders to handle love with care. Now go and spread the love!

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Ano da Coleção : 2016 SpringSummer
Nome da Coleção : Valentine's Day
Funções : Padrão Ilustrado
Movimento : Quartzo
Tipo de Embalagem : Special
Resistente à Água : 3 Bar
Cor : Branco
Cor da Bracelete : Branco
Material da Bracelete : Silicone
Material do Fecho : Plastic
Tipo de Fecho : Buckle
Cor do Mostrador : Transparente
Cor da Caixa : Branco
Forma da Caixa : Round
Material da Caixa : Plástico
Tamanho da Caixa : Medium
Garantia : Garantia de 2 anos.
Caixa : Ø 34.00 mm L : 8.75 mm A : 39.20 mm