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My Lucky Flik Flak T&C 


 1.         My Lucky Flik Flak

1.1         These conditions of sale apply to our supply of a My Lucky Flik Flak to you. Please read them carefully before placing an order.

1.2         By ordering your My Lucky Flik Flak box, you agree to be bound by both these conditions of sale and our general conditions of sale, which are to be read in conjunction with one another.

1.3         The My Lucky Flik Flak promotion applies only to Flik Flak watches and is valid only while supplies last.

 2.             Purchase of My Lucky Flik Flak

2.1         The My Lucky Flik Flak promotion is available only to customers who have first ordered a Flik Flak watch at full retail value on our website.

2.2         You will not be able to see the  watch in the My Lucky Flik Flak box until you have completed your purchase.

2.3         The average recommended retail price of a My Lucky Flik Flak watch will be between be between $50 and $70.

2.4         Due to the nature of this promotion no refund or exchange will be given due to not liking the Flik Flak watch in the My Lucky Flik Flak box received.

 3.             Rights and Obligations

3.1         Your rights and obligations as well as ours following your order of My Lucky Flik Flak are set out in our general conditions of sale. My Lucky Flik Flak is a “product” for the purposes of the general conditions of sale.