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Conditions of Sale


  • 1.             Hits & Hots Promotion

1.1         These conditions of sale apply to our supply of a HITS & HOTS to you. Please read them carefully before placing an order. 

1.2         By ordering your HITS & HOTS, you agree to be bound by both these conditions of sale and our general conditions of sale, which are to be read in conjunction with one another.

1.3         The HITS & HOTS promotion applies only to Swatch watches and is valid only while supplies last.


  • 2.             Purchase of the HITS & HOTS

2.1         The HITS & HOTS promotion is available only to customers who have first ordered a Swatch watch at full retail value on our website.

2.2         You will not be able to see the Swatch watch in the HITS & HOTS until you have completed your purchase.

2.3         The average recommended retail price of a HITS & HOTS watch will be between RM175 and RM655.


  • 3.             Rights and Obligations

3.1         Your rights and obligations as well as ours following your order of the HITS & HOTS are set out in our general conditions of sale.